2021-05: Sheraton London Park Lane – Grand Suite SALE

The Sheraton Grand London Park London had a “secret sale” that a few people (myself included) managed to find and book!

£200 for a glamorous central London hotel room seems like a good deal when the average price of a 5 star hotel room is around £400….but we’re not just talking any hotel room here, we’re talking the “Grand Suite” (AKA The Presidential Suite) of the Sheraton Grand overlooking Green Park in London’s exclusive Piccadilly where this particular suite can cost an eye watering £2000 a night! I found this room (actually ‘room’ is an understatement, it is bigger than my entire London apartment!) on sale for just £217. Now that my friends is what is known in the business as an offer too good to refuse!

I’ve no idea why the Sheraton was offering the Grand Suite at such a low price, but needless to say it seemed like the perfect opportunity to book a London ‘staycation’. Furthermore the low price availability aligned with us having work done in our house, so the builders could move, whilst we moved out! A Grand Suite for 10% of the usual price? Don’t mind if I do!

The suite looks absolutely stunning, and it most definately be the best room Ive ever stayed in London

The Grand Suite – Dining and Living Area with Park View (stock photo from http://www.marriot.com )
The Grand Suite – King Bedroom (stock photo from http://www.marriot.com )
The Grand Suite – Bathroom (stock photo from http://www.marriot.com )

Ill report back with a quick review of my stay.

HT: https://www.verylvke.com/en/2021/04/18/sheraton-london-park-lane-grand-suite-for-280/

HT: https://https://www.headforpoints.com/ (in the daily chats)

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